For the next week Dariana went through test after test and surgeries. At the end of that week
we still did not have definite answers or treatment plans so we had her transferred Columbia Presbyterian in NYC. Within a day we were informed she had Ewings Sarcoma and it had metastasized to 8 other locations in her young body. I cannot remember much more from that conversation as everything just went numb and I could only hear that my daughter had cancer.

I wanted to be the one to tell my daughter but the doctor said it would be best if she told her. So off to her room we went and the doctor informed her what was going on and what the plan was. Dariana released a few tears and agreed with the doctor that she was willing to fight this uphill battle and make it through to the end and not give up. She turned to us and said, " I cannot be strong if you are going to cry around me, I need you to be strong if you want me to be!" She immediately whipped us into shape!! She endured 14 rounds of inpatient chemo, 52 rounds of radiation and numerous blood and platelet transfusion, multiple surgeries and numerous scans.

Through it all she did not let the cancer take over, she never stop's "living"! She went out with her friends, went to parties and a few times we dropped her off to a party right from inpatient chemo. She remained positive, brave and incredibly strong. She is my hero and my inspiration.

Today we are extremely grateful to say she is just about a year of being cancer free!!!! She will be having her 1 year scans on September 2, 2014 and we are praying she will continue to be cancer free. Dariana lost most of her 1st two years of high school. She is entering 11th grade this year and is focused on going on to be a nurse practitioner in pediatric oncology. She has volunteered this summer with the local hospital and is looking to help as many people as she can in any way possible. She has made me one proud Mom!

Please visit Dariana on FaceBook or her web site: Fighting For Dariana's Dream's
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Aleksei  "Courage Rocks On"
In late November Dariana came home with a pain in her right knee. For weeks we struggled with getting a diagnosis. On late December Dariana developed a lump in her shoulder. Within 5 days the lump disappeared and all tests did not show anything. We were entering the month of January and she was still having pains in her knee and was starting to complain of fatigue and just not feeling good.

She then developed pain in her right lower quadrant of her stomach. I took her to the pediatrician, an orthopedic, a rheumatologist, emergency rooms, and now to a gynecologist thinking maybe ovarian cyst. Not one of them could tell me
what was going on because nothing showed in blood work or X-rays.

I demanded an ultrasound to see if she had a cyst. Two days after the appointment at the gynecologist our world as we knew it changed forever. Dariana was transferred immediately to the children's hospital and we were informed that our 15 year old daughter had a tumor on her right pelvis that was as big as a baseball. They were not sure exactly what it was until they performed a biopsy.........................